Clear thinking about drug policy
Director, Drug Policy Institute and Assistant Professor, University of Florida College of Medicine, Division of Addiction Medicine, Department of Psychiatry
President, Policy Solutions Group, Inc.


From 2009-2011, I served in the Obama Administration as Senior Advisor at the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP). Now I am a consultant working with governments, NGOs, the media, and other organizations on a wide range of drug policy issues. My areas of specialization include evidence-based drug prevention, treatment, and law enforcement (both domestic and international), as well as the impacts of drug legalization and “medical” marijuana.
Drug Policy Principles

Drug Policy Principles

I am often asked where I stand on the “drug war.” A more constructive exercise would be to list some ways drug policy could be improved. Here, I briefly state what I think about drugs and why.
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Project SAM and Kevin Sabet featured in US News and World Report

Pot Opponents Predict ‘Hogwild’ Colorado Trainwreck Former Rep. Patrick Kennedy points to flavored alcohol, liquor ads in warning about marijuana By Steven Nelson Colorado will make history Wednesday as the first American state allowing stores to sell marijuana for recreational use – eliciting fear and predictions of doom from anti-drug campaigners. On a Tuesday conference...
Kevin Sabet joins Canada's CTV News

Kevin Sabet joins Canada’s CTV News

Sabet talks about the use of legal recreational pot in Colorado. Watch here.

Public Sector Digest: The Changing Face of Marijuana and Marijuana Policy

Kevin Sabet contributes to the Public Sector Digest, making the argument against legalization. Download PDF


AMA delegates easily defeat a proposal that would have called for decriminalization and rescheduling of cannabis The “war on drugs”—combatting the supply of cannabis and other illicit drugs through law enforcement and incarceration—is not working. That’s what AMA delegates asserted last month when they approved a report by the AMA’s Council on Science and Public...
Kevin Sabet on Al Jazeera's Inside Story

Kevin Sabet on Al Jazeera’s Inside Story

Kevin Sabet joins directors of the Drug Policy Project and LEAP on Al Jazeera America’s Inside Story to discuss marijuana legalization in the United States. Watch here.

Kevin Sabet discusses legalization on Fox News Chicago

Watch: Kevin Sabet discusses legalization on Fox News Chicago
Kevin Sabet on Al Jazeera

Kevin Sabet on Al Jazeera

Kevin Sabet discusses the FBI’s shutdown of the underground website for illegal trading, the ‘Silk Road’ Click here to watch the video
Economist Debates: Should cannabis be legal everywhere?

Economist Debates: Should cannabis be legal everywhere?

Kevin Sabet’s featured guest piece on the Economist debate: The argument in favour of legalisation has been incredibly oversimplified by its proponents, presented as a silver bullet to failed, heavy-handed law enforcement efforts. As I argue in my new book, “Reefer Sanity: Seven Great Myths About Marijuana“, neither incarceration only nor legalisation stands up to...

Kevin Sabet on NPR’s Florida Matters

Kevin Sabet discusses medical marijuana in Florida on NPR’s Florida Matters. Listen here

Kevin Sabet on Channel 4 News in the UK

Watch: “Drug Trials: Austrian Testers Tested” As six people are taken ill in England, allegedly due to batch of drugs, Cordelia Lynch visits a scheme in Austria where officials test drugs for clubbers to determine their safety. Followed by a debate by Dr Tim Williams and Kevin Sabet.    
Legalized pot would mean more addiction

Legalized pot would mean more addiction

Legalized pot would mean more addiction By Kevin Sabet, CNN Opinion (CNN) — “The war on drugs has failed” is a mantra often heard in policy and media circles these days. But not only is the phrase outdated (the 1980s called — they want their slogan back), it is far too simplistic to describe both...
David Frum on Dr. Kevin Sabet and 'Reefer Sanity': "Be afraid of Big Marijuana"

David Frum on Dr. Kevin Sabet and ‘Reefer Sanity’: “Be afraid of Big Marijuana”

CNN Opinion: “Be afraid of Big Marijuana” by David Frum